ZenDog Compression

Anti-stress vest for dogs! This vest is pretty tight around your dog's body. The pressure that the vest provides provides a natural way of relaxation for your dog. It is very effective during thunderstorms, fireworks or other stressful situations, such as transport or a visit to the vet. An additional advantage of this vest is that it catches hair and dander. Made of a special fabric that is elastic and breathable, for optimal wearing comfort for dogs. Use 1. Pull the shirt over the head and front legs 2. Pull the shirt along the back 3. Wrap the chest belt around the body and fasten it to the Velcro 4. Wrap the neck strap and fasten it to the Velcro Reduces stress Ideal for fireworks, thunder, etc. Light in weight Breathable material Can be customized Machine washable
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XS - for dogs from 3.5 - 9 kg
S - for dogs from 9 - 13 kg
M - for dogs from 13 - 20 kg
L - for dogs weighing 20 - 29 kg
XL - for dogs from 29 - 38 kg
XXL - for dogs from 38 kg