Petmate Indigo Pet house

Petmate Indigo Doghouse The Petmate® Indigo® Doghouse with Microban is an igloo-shaped doghouse that is sturdy and spacious and offers safety and comfort for your dog. The raised floor is equipped with side gutters to wick away moisture and keep the floor dry. The extended entrance offers your pet extra protection against rain and wind. L = 40-56 kg - 131 x 100 x 76 cm (loft weighs 25 kg)
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Roof ventilation for fresh air
With Mircroban to fight odor-causing bacteria
Cool in summer, warmer in winter
Patented design keeps the house stable in strong winds
Natural defense against snow and dirt from above
Can be mounted without tools
Made in the USA
S = 11-22 kg - 95 x 77 x 58 cm (loft weighs 14 kg)
M = 22-40 kg - 111 x 86 x 66 cm (loft weighs 22 kg)
L = 40-56 kg - 131 x 100 x 76 cm (loft weighs 25 kg)