Bizou Multifunctionele Carier

This multifunctional carrying case is really ideal. It is not only a beautiful dog or cat carrier, but also a dog bed and can be used as a car seat. So your dog can get used to this bag at home before you go out, so your pet will not associate the bag negatively with traveling or, for example, a visit to the vet. The inside of the bag is very nicely finished. The edges and bottom have a foam layer for extra comfort, a lovely teddy lining ensures that your dog will lie comfortably in it. The top is provided with sturdy mesh so that the dog can see out. There is a leash available to secure your dog. The carrying bag comes with a shoulder strap so that you can also carry the bag over the shoulder.
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SKU: 43/2022

You can also secure the bag in the car with the seat belt.
Ø 40 x 34 cm
Height: 40 cm