ForMyDogs Diva

This gorgeous heat protection pant is ideal if your dog is in heat. By putting on these pants you prevent annoying stains on the floor, or you can prevent unwanted pregnancy, The bottom is very comfortable, the material is made of a thin fabric which is slightly stretchable for extra wearing comfort. You can tighten the pants by means of the bow that comes with the pants.
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View the size table of all available sizes under Product / size specifications.

Make sure you measure your dog well from the neck to the tail.

Attribute nameAttribute value
Size 8Back length: 21cm | Chest size: 27cm
Size 10Back length: 24cm | Chest size: 32cm
Size 10chhBackLength: 24cm | Chest size : 34cm
Size 12Back length: 27cm | Chest Size: 36cm
Size 12chhBack length: 27cm | Chest size: 38cm
Size 14Back length: 30cm | Chest size: 40cm
Maat 16Back length: 33cm | Chest size: 44cm
Size 18Ruglengte : 36cm | Borstomvang: 48cm
Size 20Back length: 39cm | Chest size: 52cm
Size 22Back length: 42cm | Chest size: 56cm
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