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A beautiful jacket, a must have for any clothing galarobe This jacket is wonderfully lined which makes it perfect to use for the cold days and winter days. The closure is by means of a zipper on the stomach. The hood is not removable. 100% polyester Care: Machine Wash, COLD 30 ° C, Gentle Cycle
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View the size chart of all available sizes under Product / Size Specifications.

Make sure you measure your dog well from the neck (collar height) to the base of the tail.

Attribute nameAttribute value
Size 8Back length: 21cm | Chest size: 27cm
Size 10Back length: 24cm | Chest size: 32cm
Size 10chhBackLength: 24cm | Chest size : 34cm
Size 12Back length: 27cm | Chest Size: 36cm
Size 12chhBack length: 27cm | Chest size: 38cm
Size 14Back length: 30cm | Chest size: 40cm
Maat 16Back length: 33cm | Chest size: 44cm
Size 18Back length: 36cm | Chest size: 38cm
Size 20Back length: 39cm | Chest size: 52cm
Size 22Back length: 42cm | Chest size: 56cm
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