The Dual-doggie duo retractable leash with gel handle is a combination of two great inventions. We have known the Dual-doggie duo-leash with a normal handle for years: it is the invention / the solution to walk two dogs at the same time without tangling the lines. Now it has been combined with another great invention: The latest dual-doggie duo retractable leash is now also available in a version with a (also patented) very comfortable gel handle. The gel handle takes the shape of your hand and absorbs shock from pulling your dogs. Ideally suited for long walks and people with joint pain, rheumatism and / or painful hands. We already know the gel handle from the duo belt, but now the duo roll line is also available with a gel handle. Do you walk two dogs at the same time and walk around with two leashes, or as they are often called, two flexi? Then stop messing around because this is the solution for you: The dual-doggie duo-leash: Two-leashes-in-one. Due to the patented design, the lines cannot be tangled or tangled. Two separate knobs let you lock or release the length of each line individually. The buttons and ends of the line are color coded in orange and green so you can't be mistaken. This way you keep control over both dogs. The strap at the end of the leash (ie the part in the dog) is also provided with reflective material. So even in the dark your dogs are clearly visible to approached cars and therefore also safe in the dark. Suitable for the small to medium sized dog.
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SKU: Dual-doggie duo-rollijn met gel handvat

Specifications of the dual-doggie duo retractable leash with gel handle:
2 retractable leashes of 2.9 meters each (with handle 3 meters long)
suitable for 2 dogs (up to 22.6 kilos each)
weighs less than 400 grams in total
the lines can make endless rotations of 360 degrees
end of the lines are provided with reflective stripes: this gives extra safety in the dark
with unique gel handle: ideal for long walks, people with rheumatism and / or painful hands.
BE CAREFUL AT ALL TIMES: Like all other retractable lines, the lines can cut, use at your own risk!