Doggy Dry Pet Glove and Hair Remover

Doggy Dry Pet Glove Super absorbent microfibre paw cleaner and hair remover. The Doggy Dry Pet Glove dries quickly, is extremely durable and super soft. Hair, dirt and water With the Doggy Dry Pet Glove the hairs are easy to remove from your dog, sofa, car upholstery, etc. In addition, the Doggy Dry Pet Glove absorbs the water and dirt like a sponge. Ideal for legs, windows, car seats and floors.
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What is the secret?
The Doggy Dry products contain a special microfiber called chenille. Each “noodle” on the fabric is made from millions of woven ultra-fine threads. As a result, the total surface area is actually much larger than we can see with the naked eye. Thanks to these fibers, this paw cleaner can absorb and retain no less than 7 times its own weight! The other side has rubber with studs that are just the right height for easy hair removal.

Microfiber chenille / 80% polyester / 20% polyamide.

Washing instructions
Hand wash

23 x 16 cm
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