Doggy Dry Doormat M

Well I am really a fan of the doggy dry doormats, I really have them at every door where we can go outside, and what are they ideal, you no longer have the wet footsteps at home, and yes it really works. They are easy to maintain, you can just wash them at 30 degrees and yes they can also be tumble dried! I have been using them for 2 years now and they stay beautiful, continue to work after so many washes and drys, and yes they keep looking like new!
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The Doggy Dry Doormat absorbs water and dirt like a sponge, is extremely durable and super soft. This makes the Doggy Dry Doormat unique in its kind. Due to the anti-slip bottom, the mat does not go in any direction.

What is the secret?

The Doggy Dry products contain a special microfiber called chenille. Each “noodle” on the fabric is made from millions of woven ultra-fine threads. As a result, the total surface area is actually much larger than we can see with the naked eye. Thanks to these fibers, the mat can absorb and hold no less than 7 times its own weight!

Material: Microfiber chenille / 80% polyester / 20% polyamide.

Medium: 66 x 91 cm
Large: 91 x 152 cm